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Aliskiren hemifumarate Intermediates, Intermediate, CAS No., 145589-03-3, 104266-90-2, 324763-39-5, 361460-40-4, 179993-02-3, 324763-51-1, 4383-06-6, 172900-74-2, 172900-69-5, 324519-68-8, 324519-66-6, 866030-36-6, 387353-71-1, 172900-83-3, 866030-33-3, 365541-74-8, 387353-77-7, 172901-00-7, 475562-17-5, Not Reported, Not Reported, Not Reported, Not Reported, 324763-46-4, manufacturer, India, China
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Aliskiren hemifumarate Intermediates
Aliskiren hemifumarate Intermediates
Intermediates of Aliskiren hemifumarate, offered by us can be seen from the list shown below. Please click on the intermediate name to browse through more details of the intermediate required by you. If you can not locate your required intermediate for Aliskiren hemifumarate on this page, you may send us a sourcing request for the specific Aliskiren hemifumarate intermediate you are looking for along with its Cas No, and the Intermediate name and we shall come back to you promptly with more details. Please click here to send an email.
Product Reference ID: MA- ZO-1023-O
List of Aliskiren hemifumarate Intermediates
Sr No.Intermediate Name CAS No.  
1      3-isovaleroyl-4(R)-benzyl-oxazolidin-2one 145589-03-3
2      3-isovaleroyl-4(S)-benzyl-oxazolidin-2one 104266-90-2
3      (R)-4-(2-(chloromethyl)-3-methylbutyl)-1-methoxy-2-(3-methoxypropoxy)benzene 324763-39-5
4      2(3H)-Furanone, dihydro-5-[(1S,3S)-3-[[4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)phenyl]methyl]-4-methyl-1-[(phenylmethyl)amino]pentyl]-3-(1-methylethyl)-,(3S,5S)-, Aliskiren n-2 intermediate 361460-40-4
5      2(S)-bromomethyl-3-methylbutylbenzyl ether 179993-02-3
6      3-Amino-2,2-dimethylpropionamide 324763-51-1
7      3-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzylalcohol 4383-06-6
8      4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)phenyl)methanol 172900-74-2
9      4-[(2R)-2-(bromomethyl)-3-methylbutyl]-1-methoxy-2-(3-methoxypropoxy)-benzene 172900-69-5
10      5-chloro-2-isopropyl-N,N-dimethylpent-4-enamide 324519-68-8
11      (2S,4E)-5-chloro-2-(1-methylethyl)-4-Pentenoic acid 324519-66-6
12      [(1S,3S)-3-[[4-Methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)phenyl]methyl] -1-[(methoxymethylamino)carbonyl]-4-methylpentyl]carbamic acid, 1,1-dimethylethyl ester 866030-36-6
13      (2S,4E,7R)-7-[[4-Methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy) phenyl]methyl]-8-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-4-nonenoic acid methyl ester 387353-71-1
14      tert-Butyl-[(1S,3S)-3-[3-(3-methoxypropoxy)-4-methoxybenz yl]-1-formyl-4-methylpentyl]carbamate 172900-83-3
15      (2S,5R)-3,6-Diethoxy-2,5-dihydro-2-[(2S)-2-[[4-methoxy-3-(3 -methoxypropoxy)phenyl]methyl]-3-methylbutyl]-5-(1-methyl ethyl)pyrazine 866030-33-3
16      (4R)-3-[(2S)-3-Methyl-1-oxo-2-[(phenylmethoxy)methyl]butyl]-4-(phenylmethyl)-2-oxazolidinone 365541-74-8
17      Methyl(2S,4E)-5-chloro-2-isopropylpent-4-enoate 387353-77-7
18      1-(((S)-2-(Bromomethyl)-3-methylbutoxy)methyl)benzene 172901-00-7
19      5-chloro-2-isopropyl-pent-4-enoic acid methyl ester 475562-17-5
20      (R,E)-5-chloro-2-isopropyl-N,Ndimethylpent-4-enamide, Aliskiren Isomer Not Reported
21      (S,Z)-5-chloro-2-isopropyl-N,Ndimethylpent-4-enamide Not Reported
22      (R,Z)-5-chloro-2-isopropyl-N,Ndimethylpent-4-enamide Not Reported
23      S-2-[4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)]-phenylmethyl-3-methyl-1-chlorobutane Not Reported
24      5(S)-[1(S)-Azido-3(S)-[4-methoxy-3-(3-methoxypropoxy)benzyl]-4-methylpentyl]-3(S)-isopropyldihydrofuran-2-one 324763-46-4
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